The end result was a scribbled sheet full of names, writings, and feelinRigid necklace with spherical element with diameter of 35mm in 925 silver - Looking for ideas to create something new, we took a sheet of white paper and began to write about everything that Carnival means for

Looking at that written paper, trying to catch that special detail, the right stimulus that could allow us to create a unique item, we thought that the solution was right there before our eyes: wrapping everything in one single package so that those who would have worn it, could have it with them during Carnival.

Encompassing everything that the Historic Carnival of Ivrea represents is not an easy feat since it may represent something for many, but not for all... Thus, we decided to customize the item, to make it unique, or to add a name, a feeling, a detail that can mean a lot to those who wear it.

This is how this "jewel" was born. It can be inserted into a rigid necklace as well as into a key ring rather than into a chain. It was designed to be a symbol of a feeling within those who believe and experience the Historic Carnival of Ivrea 365 days a year.