New ProductsProduzione_piccole_serie

We created exclusively by hand, without the use of lost-wax casting fusion, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, pendants or special items that the client may request, including prototypes, from raw metal to the finished product, everything starting from thread and plate.
For processes or productions where exclusively hand-made production is not required, we make use of modern lost-wax microcasting fusion techniques.

Laser processingProduzione_piccole_serie

Traditional artisan product but with cutting edge machinery: thanks to laser technologies we can ensure perfection to jewels where specific processing is required, such as: cutting, engraving, photo-engraving and marking. All processes can be performed on precious and non-precious metals.


Our lab is a full service repair center that provides missing parts reconstruction, setting, palladium-plating, rhodium-plating and enameling both on goldsmith-wares and jewelry-wares.


Our laboratory is equipped with a 300 TON hydraulic press, starting from any client’s idea we can manufacture pins, medals, and various items in precious and non-precious metals.

Small production runspiccole-tirature

For those who wish to develop a series production of precious details (in precious and non-precious metals), we are able to provide a complete service: from the idea through the prototype to the series of finished items, always maintaining a high quality standard.