Passion for gold-smithing was the fundamental element that brought Piano Adriano to acquire, in 1978, the artisan workshop of Goldsmith Master Alcide Poncelletti, from whom the refined techniques of the trade were learned.

The dedication to the profession and the experience gained over the years made it possible to acquire broad knowledge of all the necessary processes to package precious ornaments made exclusively by hand, from the raw metal to the finished product, without the use of lost-wax casting fusion, a technique that grants the jewels created the prestige of being unique and impossible to repeat.

This is the characteristic trait to which today the Piano company wants to give absolute priority, without excluding however the concept of workmanship, despite being able to conceive more technological processes, from the creation of prototypes to series production when requested.

In 1999 Marco Piano, the son, stepped into the business following and maintaining his father’s philosophy.

Now as in the past, a Piano jewel is guarantee of artisan excellence: tradition in the processing, innovation in the design.